[Video] International Workshop on Basic Income Manifestos for Presidential Election 2022 in Korea

Time. January 11th 2022, 13:00-15:00 GMT
Venue. Zoom Webinar (w. Registration)

Organizers. Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), Basic Income Korean Network (BIKN), Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks, Research Team for Study on the Feasibility of BI for ‘Real Utopia’, National Research Foundation of Korea


I. Welcome address 
Ali Mutlu KÖYLÜOĞLU, Hyosang AHN, Sarath DAVALA

II. A presentation regarding the ‘Basic Income Manifesto of Presidential Candidate Mr. Jae-myung LEE from Korea’
Namhoon KANG (Chairperson, Basic Social Committee, Presidential Election Committee of Democratic Party, Korea)

III. Panel Discussion
Moderator. Sarath DAVALA (Chairperson of BIEN)
Guy STANDING  Co-founder of BIEN and Research Professor at SOAS University of London, UK
Philippe Van PARIJS  Co-founder of BIEN and Chair Hoover d’éthique économique et sociale at Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Annie MILLER  Co-founder of BIEN and Co-founder/Chair of Citizen’s Basic Income Trust, Scotland
Karl WIDERQUIST  Professor of Philosophy at University of Georgetown – Qatar, USA
Valerija KOROŠEC  Representative of Slovenia at BIEN, Co-founder of UBIE
Ali Mutlu KÖYLÜOĞLU  Co-founder of Citizen’s Basic Income Research Development Culture and Dissemination Society, Co-founder of Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks, Türkiye
Hyosang AHN  Chairperson of BIKN: Basic Income Korean Network, Vice President of Institute for Political and Economic Alternatives, Korea
Junho OH  Presidential Candidate of Basic Income Party of Korea, Korea

IV. Q&A and Contributions
Moderator. Sarath DAVALA (Chairperson of BIEN)