Proposal for Hosting BIEN Congress 2021

1. Basic Income Korean Network (BIKN) proposes to host BIEN Congress 2021.

2. The venue would be Suwon Convention Centre in Suwon City which is the capital city of Gyeonggi Province.

3. Gyeonggi Province launched Youth Basic Income in the last April, which give KW 250,000 (about $ 220) to the age group of 24 quarterly. Its beneficiaries are 170,000 which is the largest after ones in Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.

4. We are able to raise the fund for the Congress through the Local Organizing Committee which would be made up of BIKN, Gyeonggi Province, some public research institutes and university institutes, basic income supporters, and so on.

5. In these days, lots of politicians, policy makers, researchers are getting to be interested in BI and the support for it is rising among the general citizens in Korea, which has encouraged us to host the Congress.

6. BIKN has already host BIEN Congress 2016 in Seoul which was estimated one of well-organized. We’d appreciate that basic income friends across the world could understand our situation and capacity.